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02 March 2012

So many thoughts, so little time

This is my first blog post...ever.  Harry Potter fans will recognise the reference in the title of the blog.  Basically, this is a way to get all of those thoughts and memories that swirl around in my head OUT of there and down here, in print.  It's a kind of therapy for me to clear my mind and at the same time, perhaps share some interesting things with readers.  I guarantee there will be boring posts, outrageous posts, offensive posts, and posts about things you never thought about before.

So, first off, this is my second day in New Zealand, and my first day in my new home in Balclutha.  It is Saturday, the 3rd of March, here and I have the weekend to explore the town and see where everything is.  It shouldn't be too hard, since it's pretty small.

It still hasn't quite hit me that I've moved to the opposite end of the planet.  I'm still a bit's supposed to be summer here, but the weather isn't all that different from what it was like in Montana when I left.  It's Saturday, but I skipped over Thursday.  I've crossed 5 time zones and my body isn't sure what to think.  I have so many things to say about it all but at the moment I'm too jumbled up to even put them into words.  So I'll start with what I know:  make a pot of tea, have a shower, get dressed, and go outside and get oriented.  Then I'll come back and report on what I saw.

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Cathy said...

I like your blog. Glad to hear you got to NZ safely. Can't wait to follow your blog as you embark on your new adventure. Way to go!